Media Services and Fee Schedule

Available services include: Logo design, oil and acrylic painting, caricatures, illustrations, display advertising, album cover design, poster art, fantasy art, murals, banners, and web site design.

PAINTINGS - Produced from live settings or from photographs (copies or originals will be returned). For examples, click here.

video production VIDEO PRODUCTION AND MEDIA RELATIONS - Services include commercials, public service announcements (PSAs), weddings, talk shows, business showcases, documentaries, health and fitness, sporting events, political debates, political ads, student projects, bereavement media services (funeral programs, testimonial videos, musical accompaniment), public speaking presentations (PowerPoint and Keynote), and more!. For examples, click here.

WEB SITE - Designed to be user friendly; to promote for-profit commercial endeavors, biographical/self-promotion, and fundraising. To keep costs low, sites are designed to enable clients to make their own updates and general maintenance. For examples, click the following links:

Business Landmark Legal Professionals
Business Sage Memorial Hospital
Business VIVID Calendar (Warning: Adult Content)
Business With Your Lover
Biographical Shirley Deckard
Fund Raising Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men Calendar
Fund Raising National Cares Mentoring Movement Calendar
Fund Raising Frank Sinatra Calendar

Competitively priced fees for all artistic services (paintings, drawings, graphic art, web site design, music, audio/video) are set up front, at a flat rate, per signed contract.

For original artistic services, excluding videography, a minimum of three (3) drafts of proposed work will be provided prior to establishing a final agreement.

A refundable, within the first seven (7) days only, deposit of one-half (1/2) of the cost of the project is required.

Projects must be completed within the agreed time schedule or the balance due is reduced by fifty (50) percent.

A 20% "finders fee commission" is paid for all referrals, which is immediately paid upon receipt of deposit from client.

For further inquiries and estimates, click here.

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