Anyone can come, but if
you didn't know, for more than 30 years, the largest and best "true" adult (30-years of age and older!) rollerskating is primarily found at Black adult rollerskating sessions or special event parties.


Yes, that's correct! Here's another one of Black America's cultural secrets. For the most part, after graduating from high school or reaching twenty-one (21) years or graduating from college only Black adults over thirty-(30) years of age have continued roller skating in large numbers.

As White-owned and operated rollerskating rinks continue to close in great numbers across the United States, nevertheless, only Black adults in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older continue to roll in nearly all major urban cities. Unfortunately., as with most industries, Black people rarely own the rinks.

Back in the 1970s White-controlled media applied the term “roller disco” to dance-oriented skating styles common among Black rollerskaters for decades throughout the U.S.  By the time White media caught up to this phenomenon, this “branding” was racist in nature, but consistent with the “branding” of cover-songs sung by Pat Boone and other mainstream White performers as “pop,” although the music was originally recorded by Little Richard and other Black artists as “R&B” music.

Its common for 200 to 2,000+ Black adults to roll at rinks in St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit and other urban communities. Without regard to race, anyone can skate at Black adult rollerskating events, but proudly, no other ethnic group supports adult roller skating in such large numbers and at fees typically much higher than the regular session fees at most rinks. The main reason Black adults have continued rolling is's fun!! Join us!

Think about it - no children are admitted, no alcohol is permitted, no smoking is permitted and, unlike the club scene - you don't have to wait for someone to dance with you. Just get up and get your "groove on" or skate with someone of your choice. It's a no hassle, no headache environment and it's a great exercise activity. Typically you'll skate to the best combination of current hits with classic jams, some jazz, funk, hip hop, rap and whatever else that's cooking. You will jam!

What? You haven't skated in a long time and you're scared, afraid of falling, getting hurt? Your fears quickly disappear when you hear your favorite song(s) being played and then, before long, you're jam'n with everyone else!

Bottomline, wherever you live, come out and support adult roller skating! For information on a Black adult roller skating event in your area, please click the link below!


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