In Celebration of Marriage!

© 2003 and 2014 by Trip Reynolds

Lovingly dedicated to my nieces and my nephew!

Perhaps, you're aware of statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau that for the first time in U.S. history single family units with only one parent outnumber the traditional two adult parents with children family unit. As we all ready know, for decades now over fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce. So, it would seem the traditional family unit is in peril! What hope should my sixteen-year-old nieces have in marriage? What hope should my twenty-one-year-old nephew have in marriage?

Told uniquely in a combination of words, pictures and music, "Buppy Love: A Celebration of Marriage and Family - Instinct vs. Intellect" is a 510 page narrative about the good, the bad and, yeah, the ugly aspects of relationships and marriage - but it's truly a different kind of read! Hopefully, by sharing my values and life experiences with my nieces and nephew, their peers, and my peers they might acquire knowledge to guide them to be insightful, open, objective and positive. It's an extremely candid representation of my experiences, and for my nieces and nephew, it comes with the risk of astonishment or, perhaps, alienation. All in all, "Buppy Love: A Celebration of Marriage and Family - Instinct vs. Intellect" encourages the achievement of true partnership in marriage (jointly grab'n life's gusto!), and the achievement of individual potential!

In pursuit of publication, an original manuscript is currently being reviewed by publishers.

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