Dear Code:

Subj: Lousy, Pathethic Story on the Tenison Twins

Date: 11/9/99 10:22:27 PM Mountain Standard Time



Code Color Commentary

Your story on the Tenison Twins [December 1999] was absolutely pathetic, bordering on incompetent. These are two very attractive women who, as shot amateurishly by Steven Lam, were seen mostly out of focus, poorly cropped with their heads cut off, and in (a failed attempt to be "artsy") black-and-white no less. Sadly, you can't even clearly see the clothes and apparel being hyped. CODE should steer clear of this subject matter unless, like Victoria's Secret or Playboy, it can deliver the high professional quality required. Plus, the poorly written article provides a lousy introduction to readers not familiar with the twins, and it made no mention of the Tenison's indirect competition with other twins (Barbie Twins, Mocha and Chocolate, etc.), where to find their screen saver, calendar, their web site address, etc. As a member of the culturally and technologically aware, upscale "men of color" audience CODE is targeting, I should have been able to enhance the little I know about the twins by being both educated and entertained by your article. Again, what you did was pathetic. You owe them, the Tenison Twins, an apology and another feature sometime in 2000. Next time, please, do it right. Or, contact me and, yes, I'll show you how!

Trip Reynolds