The Odyssey
The Story of My Painting of Frank Sinatra!
© Trip Reynolds
Why I became a fan of Frank Sinatra!
Born 38 years after Sinatra, it's my pleasure to tell how I got hooked on "The Voice" and why you should too!

I was born in the early 1950s. My earliest recollection of "him" is from the late fifties. I remember hearing, before actually turning to watch the television set, what even then seemed to be, a very smooth, easy-to-listen-to voice. It wasn't actually Sinatra though, it was a cartoon parody of a Sinatra-like rooster trying to "out-croon" another rooster who just happened to look an awful lot like Bing Crosby - you know, that other crooner. These were cute cartoons and it was funny watching how the little hens would just swoon and faint from hearing these two birds sing. Yeah, this was just a cartoon, a parody, right? Wrong!

It wasn't long before I discovered that Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby were actual people who actually did make women swoon and faint and just go crazy from hearing them sing.

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