Models Sought

Male and female models are needed to act as principle subject matter and anatomical reference to produce the following kinds of art: commercial art and product placement, fantasy art, portrait art, and human figure art which may involve partial or full nudity (absolutely no pornography).

Modeling may be provided from live settings in a studio environment, or at a location of mutual convenience, or solely from photographs taken by this artist or from photographs supplied directly from the participating model(s). Note: All photographic copies or originals will be returned and all copyrights are retained by the originator.

Competitively priced fees for all modeling services are set up front, at a flat rate or by percent of total cost of sold art (i.e., 60-40, 50-50, 70-30), per signed contract.

Unless established by the aforementioned contract as a work-for-hire agreement, all completed work becomes the joint property of Trip Reynolds and the subject model(s) for perpetuity.

All models must be 21 years of age or older and have legal proof of such.

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